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dog Names: sandra+dee

Sandra+dee is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Sandra Dee

I am a little mixed fur-baby that spent the 18mons of my life tided to a tree 24/7 with a short chain on a hill side in WV. My now Mom came to see her Mom. When the I started give birth for the 2nd time in my life the guy that own me at that time was going to pinch the heads off my babies as I have each one, then he said he was going to shot me after the late one was born! Mommy got so mad that she wanted to shot him, she would not let him hurt my new babies or me.. After I had my last baby she loaded all of us up and toke us with her!! I had 7 super cute babies,The day after we got to her home in WV I had a ton of first in my short life!!
Now my 7 babies are all in wonderful homes and so am I!! Mom told me she would find me a forever loving home, and she tried real hard for a long time, then one night when I was sitting with her she told me my forever home would be with her and the other 7 fur-babies that live here and we became the Crazy 8!!!