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dog Names: sasha+fiercce

Sasha+fiercce is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Sasha Fiercce
American Pit Bull Terrier

Hi I am Sasha Fiercce. I am 6 months old. I came to my mom right after Christmas, it was a very sad time for my mom, she has just lost my aunt Sara on Christmas eve to cancer. My aunt Sara was only 6 years old and my mom loved her so very much. My mom's friends heard about my aunt and brought me to my mom as a Christmas present. I was sleepy and shy at first but I warmed my moms heart and soon I became a ball of energy eating shoes, toys, slippers and all sorts of things. My mom has been so busy trying to teach me the right things to eat and play with. She also tells me wonderful stories of my aunt Sara, I hope I can behave as well as my aunt Sara. I also have 2 uncles Pie and Ghost (they are Sara's brothers from another litter they are 5 years old.) We are all pittie mixes. We also have cats to play with outside. I hope to make alot of friends here. I look forward to talking with everyone. Take care, Sasha Fiercce.