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dog Names: scarlett

Scarlett is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Standard Poodle

Meet Scarlett Elisabeth, my beautiful standard poodle. Scarlett is my third standard, I thought after loosing my last standard (Amadeus) at the age of 15 I would never get another, that is until I say this little lady. We bonded as soon as we saw each other. Scarlett lives with her 5 siblings (a dachshund named Chelsea and four cats, Cindy, Charlie, Lolita and Hallie), none of which seem to fond of her since she tends to chase them through the house wanting to play. She however loves each of them. Scarlett is learning to be a pet therapy dog in the long term care facility where I have been employed for 16 years. She loves seeing all the patients and visitors but tends to be a little shy around many of them, she does have her favorites that she will go to immediately. She has been my constant shadow since the day I got her. One of her favorite activities is riding in the convertable with the top down. What a sweet little girl!

Bichon Frise

When I first met my new family I knew I was the one going home with them. My sister in my baby house didn't stand a chance. I saw my mommy and stood up with my cute self, she picked me up and I kissed her and said to myself I'm outta here and going to my new forever home with these people. I was a quiet girl for the first day then I came out of my shell. I run around like a mad woman every day making my Bichon noises, playing with my toys, bothering my big brother Beasley and digging holes in my new back yard. I don't want to bury anything but I do love to make those holes.

I'm a Diva - I sleep on the bed, I will not be left alone and if you won't play with me when I want you to I will bark in your face until you do what I want.


Scarlett is a boxer mix. She is spoiled rotten. She is fawn color. She is extremely hyper but can be calm and relaxed. She loves to play keep away and tug a war and cuddling.