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dog Names: sebastian

Sebastian is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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English Bulldog

Sebastian is the most lovable dog I have had my entire life. I grew up with all kinds of dogs and this bulldog is very smart, sensitive, loving, friendly and when he needs to he becomes my protector. I have twin boys that wanted him when they were they are 24 and he is my main man!

Miniature Pinscher

HI! Im Sebastian, I love treats, treats and MORE TREATS!!! When my Mom gives them to me I like to run and hide and guard them. :D When Im not chewing on a treat, I am a total snuggle bug! I like to sleep under the covers cuz I get really cold sometimes. I give hugs to all my family and I like it when the back of my neck is scratched. My favorite thing to do is bark, I bark at anything that moves >:| My Mom doesn't really mind, cuz she know that this is how I protect her. :D

I love my Mom, she rescued me from a horrible cage in a place with lots of dogs barking. She didn't even look at me for 2 secs and ran off and adopted me right away! Im so glad she took me home that day, I love her so much!