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dog Names: serena

Serena is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Golden Retriever

What can I say about my dog? She is one of the best friends, I will ever have.
Serena is a pure golden :) She was born in September, and is about the age of 4. Despite her age, she is still VERY playful. I call her my "ADD dog." LOL! Serena is babies for the baby :)

Serena has had a very easy life living at home. She loves taking "rides" in the car.
Oh, and did I mention she's over 70 lbs. and she thinks she's a lap dog. *grabs oxygen mask* I've been around Serena the longest, so she thinks I'm a big sister :) so she has a huge attachment to me....and my bed....*sigh*

We have lost many people in our family and when you've been though what me and my family just need somebody. Serena is our "somebody." Our comfort. Our fluffy little angel.

She loves her stuffed toys, and often mothers them. Serena is also spoiled. And knows it.
Serena likes to burp as often as possible and often times right in your face (she learned the burping from me unfortunately...but hey, that's my girl!) =P

Serena has a good friend Niko (my aunts dog) who rivals Serena's cuteness.
She also has two stray cat friends by the names of Mamacita and Billy Mays (don't ask lol)

Serena is a lovable, friendly, innocent, playful, cute, clever, retarded, angelic, corn-muffin dog with whiskers. She is a blessing to me and my family. I thank God everyday for her.

And if you are wondering about the photo's, yes I took them. I'm what you would call a pro in training ;)