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dog Names: sherlock

Sherlock is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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American Cocker Spaniel

Im sherlock :) american cocker spaniel! but i may not look like it because my hair is cut a little shorter!

I was just a small, playful puppy, just a baby, born in the year of 2005. I was bought at Petworld in the Northridge mall, I still remember the day!

When I was still a little puppy.. two of my roomies were two twin black cats named Dixie and Daisy. They had diabetes and a thyroid disorder, but they managed to stay alive for a 21 years, thats older than me! I was also accompanied with my parrot roomie, Betty-Boop, and still am! :) Later on we got Mittens and Cookies :)

By Summer, my owner was so sad, she missed my roomies Dixie and Daisy. My owner's friend came and brought us Mittens! ;)

My owners decided to buy two more roomies for Christmas! Two twin birdies! My owner loved them so much! Of course she still misses the twins.

The very end of 2011, my owners were taking me for a walk in the neighborhood. Suddenly, a pitbull jumped at me out of nowhere! I was so scared from that. My persons had to swing me with my leash like a lasso in the air, to keep out of the pitbull sight. He was still trying to bite me and jump in the air. The dog tried to bite, but missed, except a tiny piece of fur. Two teenagers came and took the pitbull. They looked at me, and walked away. So rude...


PS - not all dates are completely accurate..