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dog Names: shoes

Shoes is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Shoes was my neighbor's Beagle and the first Oreo's doggy friend. Shoes loved people but ignored other dogs even when they were in her own house. She took a bit of an interest in Taco but that was because he was growling at her when they met. Shoes was very energetic and loved to run, play fetch, play tug, and really loved attention and food. Over the years Shoes rescued two litters of rabbits that had been abandoned by their mom. Of the first litter none survived but a wildlife rescue was able to save one or two of the second litter and rereleased them to where Shoes found them. She was happy to see her baby bunnies. Shoes was a purebred certified rabbit hound but she wasn't into hunting rabbits she was into playing with them. I used to go over to Shoes' house to play with her a lot until she died in 2011.