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dog Names: sissie

Sissie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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She is a diabetic and is 9 years old. She understands every word you say and loves to go "bye bye". She is my baby girl and i treat her as if she were my child. She knows that to the very best and takes advantage of it. Sissie and I have really grown up together so we have a bond that can't be broken. She also cries, pouts,gets mad, "snobs" me, and she smiles. This wonderful chihuahua is my world (as well as the other 5 we have. =P )


Sissie is a truly a big sweetie. Her mom was a golden retriever and her dad was a big white standard poodle. Sissie has the best personality and is a very smart dog. She makes a wonderful companion. She loves bath time and it's a good thing because she weighs nearly 100 lbs. Oh, and the best part - she doesn't shed!!

Sissie's Likes - Everybody and everything.

Sissie's Dislikes - When she knows she's in trouble. (rare occurence)