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dog Names: skeeter

Skeeter is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Boston Terrier

Skeeter is our little girl in the mix. But she thinks she is a 189 lb. Great Pyrenees meant to chew up and spit out anything that gets in her way! She really, truly does believe she is a huge dog and can handle anything... like the pit bulls that have been set loose on us... Crazy little dog! She is very petite, but everything she has is ALL muscle. Miss Social Butterfly - with ATTITUDE!! You better love me - or else! This lap is MINE! A very quirky, fun personality. Although perfectly capable of playing fetch, her favorite version is to run after a tennis ball alongside Yoda, wait for him to grab the ball, then seize Yoda by the neck and drag him back to the person who threw the ball. (And Yoda puts up with it...) Sam is her "boyfriend", and she will defend him from anything! She washes his face, his ears, cuddles up to him, tells him goodnight, literally rides on top of his head when all loaded in the back of the vehicle. (And HE puts up with it...)