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dog Names: slipknot

Slipknot is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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I am an only child and I make the rules. I love eating, playing rough with my bowl, napping and going for walks. I am the bestest friend my mom could ever ask for. In my spare time I like to shake hands and give lickey-kisses. In my later years I have gotten lazy about the rollover bit - I learned if I just tilt my body halfway I usually get the snack. I am also good at sitting, staying, leave "it" and lay down. I have a cousin named Sophie (a pug) who likes to hang out and share my snacks.

I have many nicknames, but my favorites are Chi-Chi and Baby Bear. I love my big backyard and my mom's bed. My mom says I am all about the drama, there is always something I can get into. Every summer I have to make at least three trips to the vet for various issues I have created. But I love Dr. Darren and he always knows how to fix me up.

The funniest thing my mom has discovered about me is my love for Richard Gere. One day she and my aunt were talking about the movie Pretty Woman and I just kept going crazy every time Richard was mentioned. This tickled everyone in the room so much they started teasing me. It took them about a day to figure out "Richard Gere" sounds just like "get your gear" (my gear is my leash) and that is what they tell me every time I get to go bye-bye. My mom wants to post a video of how excited I get when anyone brings up Richard. Stay tuned!