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dog Names: smeagle

Smeagle is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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American Pit Bull Terrier

He's actually a Border Collie/Foxhound/Shepherd/Pit Bull Terrier, but they only let you choose two breeds... Smeagle came from a tough past. He has some insecurities, but he is very protective of his Mama' (me). He thinks I'm his 'woman', and he's not afraid to tell everyone to stay away from me. He has trust issues, and thus isn't the best around strangers, and he doesn't really like to let strangers or other humans around me either. He is my lil' Mama's Boy, and my Snuggle Buddy Cuddle Muffin. I love that he is so protective of me, but my hubby feels second best as Smeagle always gets to sleep right up next to me under the covers. Haha. Smeagle knows he's number one in my heart. He's Mama's little Protector Man.

Note from Smeagle:
I miss my Mama' so much. Right now I have to live with Grampa', hundreds of miles and many hours away. Mama' can't come see me because their car would never make it. Their apartment will not let me live there with them, because of my breeds, my size, and the fact that I don't like strangers or other dogs. ={ Mama' assures me that she will try her hardest to find a better place that will allow me after her current lease runs up. For now I must stay here with Grampa'. I don't really like it here, Mama' is not here. I always sit at the window and stare out and watch for her, but she never comes. I wonder if she still loves me or if she's ever coming back... She sometimes calls me on the phone and I love to hear her voice and I lick the phone, but then when I run to the window right after, she is not there. I am so sad. I miss my Mama'. ={

^ I miss you too baby! Mama' loves you, she always will! This is only temporarily! Stay strong for us, my smexie little baby boo! Mama' will come rescue you soon and hold you in my arms and never let you go again! <3 I promise!