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dog Names: snookie

Snookie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Hello! My Names Snookie! (: I'm A Mix Border Collie. My Mom Was A Full Border Collie But I'm Not Sure What Breed My Dad Was Since I've Never Seen Him. I Spent The First 4 Months Of My Life With My Mom Until My Owner Marissa Picked Me Up, Took Me Home, &&Gave Me Lots Of Love Till Now. I LOVE For Going On Long Runs With My Owner, But I HATE Baths! I'm Scared Of Water Since My Previous Owners Didn't Take Very Good Care Of Me ): I LOVE Playing Fetch! I Could Play ALL DAY! The Chuck It! Is My FAVORITE Toy!

I Tend To Not Get Along With Other Dogs Though, Besides My Sister Daisy Whos A Cocker Spaniel. I've Been Friends With Her Ever Since My New Owner Adopted Me. Shes My Best Friend! Shes The Only Exception. So My Owner Never Really Takes Me To The Dog Park With Daisy ): But Whenever She Comes Back With Her, She Takes Us To A HUGE Open Field All To Ourselves, &&Lets Up Run Around &&Play Fetch!

I'm A Really Friendly Dog When It Comes To Humans Though! I'd Never Hurt Anybody! I LOVE Humans! I Love The Attention They Give Me &&The Way They Pet Me! (:

American Bulldog

Snookie is 2.5 years old. She was brought to the Lebanon Humane Society 417-532-9671. She doesn't belong here. She is a sweet natured,quiety angel that has nothing but love to give all who meet her. She is sharing a run with another dog and they get along great. She is trained and gets along with humans of all sizes. Help Snookie go home!!!!