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dog Names: sofie

Sofie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Sofie? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Boston Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier

Sasha was rescued from a woman who was using her for breeding purposes. I'd been trying to get her for a while and finally she was given to me. Sadly, the woman who was using her is married to my father! :/

She's now living with me and my 5 cats. So as you can imagine it's been interesting.


Hi, Im Sofie! Ive gotten real big in the last few months... Im almost the same size as my big brother! I like to chew on pretty much everything, from mommas furniture to my brothers lips. I have TONS of energy, but Capone helps tire me out in our yard before we go to bed. Im starting to really understand commands, and I even get cookies for doing the right ones... Daddys socks still taste better though!... I really love my family<3