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dog Names: spanky

Spanky is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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My name is Spanky. I am a mixed breed of terriers..but my daddy calls me a potlicker...Im always very playful and affectionate, specially when there are treats involved. I know i am a good dog, because my mommy lets me get away with things that i know i should'nt do (like jumping on my chunky beagle sister's back)...I am very spoiled and proud of it.
I am very lucky. My human sister works for the animal shelter. That is where i was brought after making my great escape from the unknown. She brought me home and my mommy fell in love with me. I can win anybodies heart, specially when i give them my super cute puppy eye look.

American Bulldog

Spanky came to us on accident in March of 2002. My son was going through chemotherapy and we would go to the shelters on the weekends for some "animal therapy". He immediately setttled in the back of a kennel with this fearful, shaking, sickly looking dog.

We agreed to take her home for the weekend to try to bring her out of her shell. She ended up at the animal emergency that night with high fevers and other ailments. Needless to say, she never went back to the shelter.

Spanky is amazaing. She is so sweet and full of life still, almost 10 years old now...Since she joined our household, we have had numerous fosters come through, everything from baby raccoons and squirrels, to bottlefed kittens and nursing dogs with puppies. Spanky is the "Co-Mom" to all. She cleans and cares for each foster baby as if they were her own and protects them fiercely.

I am watching her slow down these days, gray is covering her once black fur, and lumps are forming all over her body. But her eyes still dance, and her spirit is still ever present.

Spanky is my girl, she always will be.

Cocker Spaniel

i am 8 years old and will be 9 years old this november