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dog Names: spooky

Spooky is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Spooky? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Spooky is a 4 yr old female white Lab who doesn't know she's a dog. She's so spoiled, if someone calls her a "dog" she thinks she's in trouble! She takes turn sleeping with all members of our family. She likes to give hugs & gets jealous whenever someone is hugging & she's not involved! She insists on visitors petting her when they come in our house & will not leave you alone until you do. She's so friendly & enjoys sniffing our outside cats. She doesn't even mind when she's trying to go potty & the cats are rubbing up against her legs! She is very good about not barking, except to let us know when people are visiting. She loves to beg for handouts, but hates hot sauce! Spooky can wink, shake hands, sit & lay down when asked. She also knows to bark 3 times if she needs to go out to do #2. She's so smart! She especially loves to sniff/kiss human ears, belly buttons & feet. She loves to play in snow even though we rarely get it where we live. She also loves to play ball. We love our Spooky!