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dog Names: stanley

Stanley is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Stanley? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Well it's about time I get a site of my own, my twin brother Humphrey wasn't sharing that much. We originally tried to have both of us on 1 page, but that didn't work too well. My name is Stanley and I live with Humphrey, Archie, Daphne and Parker. We are all Newfoundlands, you should check out my brothers and sister we are quite the clan!!
I was part of a planned litter and my Mom had me picked out before I was even born!! When she and Dad and human sister drove up to meet me, that's when they decided Humphrey should come home with us too!! I have a white tip on my tail and that;s the only way most everyone can tell us apart! Of course Mom can tell us apart by just looking at us, but very few else can BOL... I kinda like it that way too, so Humpy gets blamed for a lot of the stuff I do...We are gonna be TDI dogs, we've started our socialization and are getting out and about. I know how to give a high 5 with both paws!! Im pretty proud of that too cause Humpy cant do it yet BOL. We can be quite competitive, but we really do LOVE each other. I sure hope to make a lot of new friends and maybe someday get as many points as Humphrey has!!!! Stop by and play, I look forward to meeting you :)