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dog Names: sydney

Sydney is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Sydney? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Yorkshire Terrier

Sydney is a loving dog. She likes to sleep and sometimes acts a little weird, but that's what makes her so funny!

Australian Shepherd

i am very active and the baby of the family i have an older bro named poof, he's a dog, another bro named chino, he's a cat, i play with him the most , and a sis named mocha, she is also a cat,, she really doesn't like me to much.. i hang out with my human fam alot.... i just learned how to climb the stairs.. i still can't get down someones has to come get me... i am full of life and love every minute of it!!!!


Hi I'm Sydney, Im a "Dorkie"- that's a mix of a mini short hair dachsund and a yorkshire terrier. I live with my Mom, my borther Griffin ( another Dorkie) and my other brother Grady the cat. I love to sleep under the covers, bark at whoever walks by my house or flies by my house ( yeah, Mom says I'm noisy at times for such a little guy), but its not all the time... I look at it that Im just a really good watchdog! I also really like to give kisses, and if you scratch my back/pet me, I'll be your friend for life!