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dog Names: trinity

Trinity is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Trinity? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Airedale Terrier

Hi I'm Trinity, I was born in Arkansas and was with my mom & brother & sister. A nice family adopted my mom from a shelter and they didn't know I was in her belly until 2 weeks then i arrived. I'm happy she went to this home cause if we were in the shelter they would have put her down if they knew she was pregnant :( Then when i was just a little puppy I was put on a big bus with other doggies who I didn't know. We drove for a long time. I was taken from the bus and placed into my new mommy's arms. Now i have a big back yard to play in, 2 kitty friends & lots of doggie friends to play with. I've been to kindergarten & graduation kindergarten classes. Now I'm starting with what my mommy calls agility and I love it! Most days I spend out in the yard & going for walks with my mom. I have a great life with my family!!!