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dog Names: trooper

Trooper is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Trooper is my tri white colli and is sooooo cute u just want to hug him forever this was when he was a puppy

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Okay so, this is my story:

Back seven years ago, I was born a long long way from here in Kansas. I had a mommy and daddy with very strange names for corgis...but I was brought to Pennsylvania to a little place called Petland. It was in the middle of a town with lots of shopping and malls, so of course my mommy was always there. After a long day of shopping with HER mommy and sometimes brother and father, she would come into the petstore to see all of the dogs, birds, cats, and more! She loves animals sooo much.
So, one day after shopping, she stopped in with her mommy and brother to get her birds wings clipped so she would be able to play with her. They immediately came over to MY little room, which I was sharing with a beagle pup, but they kept their attention on ME :) (I love attention still to this day)
During that wing clipping I got to play with them in a little pen! It was alot of fun. They all thought I was realy cute, and hadnt even seen or heard of a corgi before me! My mommy reeeally liked and wanted me, and begged HER mommy to buy me! She was reluctant because of her dad...who really didnt want a dog...but her mommy called him, and he said he really didnt want one...but after alot of persuading and talking it over, they bought me! :)
They picked me up from Petland a few days later, and I was soo happy! They gave me so much loves and when I was a puppy mommy even rode me around in her wagon, AND her little baby stroller :)

But, now Im too fat for that haha :D But I still play and get plenty of hugs and kisses from mommy and she plans to take me when she moves out :) even though HER momma wants to keep me too! What can I say Im loved :)

German Shepherd

Trooper was quite a dog! He would 'talk' to me as i pet him. He was quite smart. When he did get all, all we had to do was tell him to 'go home' and he usually beat us to the door. If we were around the front door when it was open, he might stand at the opening, but wouldn't go any farther. One time I was talking to someone in our front lawn (no fence). Trooper was 'exploring' our lawn. I shocked the person I was talking to when I just called out Trooper's name and pointed to the door (he was getting too close to the street). Trooper looked at me and then went into the house.

He could do simple math. I'd hold one or two pieces of food in each hand and ask him a simple math problem, and he would 'take' the right answer. He also knew 'left' and 'right', 'tall' and short', 'thin and fat', 'cheese and meat' and other such things.

He also seemed to know when a stranger should be in/around our home. When the paramedics came (husband got ill), he went to each paramedic for a 'pet' and then, when we told him to, went and laid down in the hallway, which he stayed (paramedics were ver impressed)

Unfortunately, we lost him May 4th 2010, He was 13 and quite ill. He is very much missed. We have another German Shepperd now, but it's not quite the same