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dog Names: trouble

Trouble is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Trouble got his name because every time you would walk into the room he would bark at you and when you would talk to him he would argue with you. He's seems like a big (95lbs) dog but he's really a mama's boy... Trouble is very smart and he can turn the lights on and off, and open the back door as he pleases. He had not figured out how to open the front door yet because the door handle is different. He loves lasers, hide and seek, catch and chase. He get's along great with other dogs, cats and kids. Trouble will bark at you wanting you to play but because of his loud and deep bark he usually scars people instead. Trouble also spends most of his day with his brother Spider (90lbs) who loves to climb, run and jump.


we got trouble at only 2 weeks old because her mom died shortly after birth. she has been a joy and a great addition to our family. and yes she definately lives up to her name