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dog Names: tug

Tug is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Tug? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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West Highland White Terrier

Oh hi! My name is Tuglas Urven George, but you can call me Tug. I'm very white and fluffy. My mother was a shih ztu, and my father was a west highland terrier. That makes me a weshi! My mother gave me to my new mommy, who loves me SOOOOOO much! She and my new daddy give me walks and treats and lots of snuggles, and I give them way too many kisses! We're all just a happy family!

I love to chew! I like chewing on electric cords, strings, stuffed animals, leaves, grass, my food and water bowls, plastic of ANY sort (I like the crunchy sound), any paper I can get ahold of, the list goes on! I also love snuggling and giving kisses, and guarding my house. NO ONE gets near the front door without everyone knowing! I love running and going for walks with Mommy, playing tug-o-war and play fighting with Daddy. I like helping Mommy cook, but I like eating what Mommy cooks better! I like listening to Mommy and Daddy talk, even though I only know some of the words. I'll turn my head back and forth whenever I hear the words I know! They like saying "cute," and I like being cute!

Bichon Frise

Tug is a brother to Joy (who is also pictured on this page). I am living in TN with my older brother. We have the same mom and dad. My brother, Nudge, is from my parents' previous litter.