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dog Names: whisper

Whisper is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Whisper? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Chow Chow

I was born in Killeen Texas and all I remember is when I was really little there was a bad thunder storm and lots of rain and then I was in this Cul-de-sac and could not find my way home because of the flooding. These people let me stay in their front yard and gave me food and water but they couldn't keep me because they had 3 big mean dogs in the back yard.

I was really shy and did not want to be close to anyone until one day this lady came by and she was different. At first I was a little scared of her too but then I kept following her around and even let her pick me up. She said she loved me but that she could not take me because she had just rescued another puppy from the shelter and her husband would be mad if she brought home another dog. I thought if I be really cute maybe she takes me anyway and it WORKED.

She put me in her trunk of her SUV and I was so scared cause I had never been in a car before that I pooped all over her trunk. But she was not mad cuz I was just the cutest little fur ball. When we got home she gave me the name Whisper and now she regrets it because I like to bark A LOT when the door bell ring and I growl a lot at the Vet cause I don't like them!

I used to have a brother but then my mom and dad split up and mom could only keep me and my brother went to a farm with some really nice people and lots of room to run. I did not mind living in a small apt cause I am a couch potato anyway.

I have a new dad now, he is a soldier and in Afghanistan but he be home soon. My mom got him a puppy for when he gets home because he likes to run and my mom and I don't (tee hee). Her name is Zihna and she is a Husky. She is a sweetheart but sometimes she can be really irritating because she likes to play a lot! And since she has been here we can't get on the couch anymore THAT REALLY SUCKS!! But mom says Zihna sheds too much! Oh well I just lay by my moms feet now, I don't mind, but I think my mom does cause she always has a hard time getting up now cause I am in the way! OH WELL HER OWN FAULT!! I could be on the couch!! :-)

Hope to find lots of cute friends on here!!!
Chow for now (Chow...get it? LOL )