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dog Names: wilma

Wilma is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Miniature Dachshund

I am a tiny tiny mini Dachshund. I run the the house and like to be cuddled. I also like to sleep on the sofa, eat food scraps, play with squeaky toys, and mess with the cat, Cheddar. I am a lot thinner then most dachshunds but not because i don't eat enough. I would eat all day long if I could. I also love running along the beach, laying out in the sun, and chasing squirrels.


I'm a Hurricaine survivor. My mommy found we wondering the streets very skinny and hungry. But now I'm a super happy dog. I love going for walks, going to dog parks, rides in the car and very much love swimming! I get annoyed by squirrels, and sometimes get in trouble when I try chasing them.