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dog Names: wookie

Wookie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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German Shepherd

I was my owners birthday gift on her 20th birthday, I'm also her very first dog. She did free dog training for her friends while she lived in the states for 19 years. She always have loved animals but her house in the states were to small for her to have one. She moved to Libya on September 26/2012. She was now happy because her house here in Libya was big enough for her to have animals she was very happy and cried tears of joy when she got me as her birthday gift i'm a happy boy and very well trained me and my owner are going to spend many happy years together and enjoy the world together. She is also trying to show people here that not all dogs bite and some are friendly she is now starting a change and everyone around us knows i'm the friendly dog on the block and I do not bite I give lots of loving!


When we found Wookie we had no intention of getting a new dog, my last dog had just died and I didn't think I was ready yet. But when we saw he and his litter-mates playing in their front yard while on a walk, there was no leaving this little guy behind.