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dog Names: zippy

Zippy is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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hello, not sure of my ancestry, maybe someone could give me a clue. My folks adopted me
from Pets & Pals shelter in nearby Lathrop, Ca, on Oct 31,2012. I was a stray, found
wandering the streets at age 3 mos--if i could find my previous owners, would bite
them good (Mom & Dad would help). My folk's old dog, Pepper, passed away in Oct
after taking care of the folks for 16 yrs. She was also a rescue dog from Pets & Pals. I am going to take of my folks for a longggg time. I bit the pool guy, but am realllly trying to be good.

Chinese Crested

Hi! My name is Zippy & I am a Chinese Crested Powder Puff, about 8lb. & all white w/pink skin. My Daddy's name is BeBop a Chinese Crested Hairless white/pink & my Mommy is Mystique a Chinese Crested Powder Puff white w/blue gray saddle. So I'm the color of my Daddy & long fluffy hair like my Mommy! :) I was born Sept. 10, 2010 in NE Kentucky. After my new Mommy picked me & came to take me to my new home with her, we found out my Mommy & Daddy went to live with new parents in Ironton, OH that is in SE Ohio. I don't know where my Mommy & Daddy are now as we heard their new parents got sick & had some life changes & were not able to keep my Mommy & Daddy anymore, so they have went to a new home, but I don't know where they are now. I wish I knew, it would be nice to know where they are now, I hope they are safe & are happy in their new home!

I love my Mommy soooo much! She is so good to me & gives me lots & lots of love, & even lets me sleep on her bed. I like to crawl under the covers & curl up next to my Mommy's side to keep warm & I feel safe there too! Mommy says I'm a very good boy & I'm very quiet, but if I hear something that I think is not normal then I will bark & let Mommy know so she can check it out & make sure everything is okay. That's the only time I make noise, because I love my Mommy & I want to protect her!

I've got the best Mommy in the world! She brushes me most everyday & takes me to the groomers about once a week to see my friend Erin at the 'Pet Parlor'! I really like Erin & Ramona too! They give me baths, cut my nails & trim my hair when I need it. They give me lots of kisses too! After my bath they have a very special place for me to sleep till my Mommy comes back to get me. I get to bring my own blanket & I really like that, it smells like Mommy & my home so I don't get scared & it keeps me so warm. When Mommy comes to get me I hear her voice & I get so excited to see her because I miss her so much when she's not with me.

She bought me a new outfit last week, a red plaid vest w/black shirt under it! I like it because it keeps me warm, Mommy said she likes it because I look so cute in it! :) She said it was 50% off, whatever that means... & that there is a matching collar & bow tie at the store that she hopes to get for me too! :) Just as long as it keeps me warm she can dress me up anyway she wants! :) She puts a bow or little hair clip on the top of my head to keep my hair out of my eyes, because she says she likes to look at my pretty black puppy eyes! In some of my pictures you will see my hair is real long on my ears and Mommy decided to cut the long part off because she couldn't see my cute ears standing up like she use too, so she cut my hair on my ears. She says I look so cute that way! It does feel better to me because my hair is thick & it feels heavy when it's long on my ears.

I pretty much go along with whatever my Mommy says cause I love her so much & she loves me so much too! I stay by her side all day & all night & when we go on a long trip to see my cousins, I just lay down & go to sleep for the whole trip, Mommy says it is 500 miles. I don't have any idea what 500 miles is, so I sleep & when we get there I wake up & get to go play with Julietta, Freckles & Priscilla! They are really cute girl puppies & I love to play with them!

I forgot to tell you, my Mommy wanted me so much that she made 2 quilts & traded those for me. She worked really hard & as fast as she could so she could get me & take me home with her as soon as she could. I waited for her & she came & got me on Dec. 6, 2010. She said she will put some of my baby pictures on here for you to see, I only weighted 1.5lb then.

Mommy had a hard time picking a name out for me, it took her a long time, she said because she loves me so much & I was so special that my name had to be special too, & that it would be especially just for me, a name of my very own! Boy, that was a big job for her to pick my name out that was so special! She wrote hundreds of names down as she thought of them, but she said none of them fitted me just right. Then one day I was playing and running back & forth through the kitchen & dinning room & I ran right past Mommy! Mommy said I was so fast that I just 'Zipped' right past her! Then she said "That's it! Your name is "ZIPPY"!!!!!! :) I was sooo happy!!! I finally had my very own name! A name just for me & a very special name! "ZIPPY"!!!!!! yes! that's my name! & I love my name! Mommy was right! She found my name & its the right name for me!!! :)

Oh yes, I have 6 buddy's who live with us too! They are cats but that's okay because I like cats too! Mommy will put them on here too! Their names are: Inky, Junior, Sissy, Annie, Fritz & Molly! At first they didn't know what to think about me, but now we are all the best of friends! We even race up & down the hallway together to see who is the fastest! I think I am the fastest, but I let them win sometimes too! That's what being best friends is all about! Sharing everything, even if it's taking turns at winning a race! :)

I hope you like reading about me and looking at my pictures! Mommy loves taking my picture & I love all the attention I get! :)

I'm so happy! See you all later! :)

Zippy :)


I am greyhound but I have ever never attend competition, I am lucky to have the life my mama and daddy give to me.

I have a dumb brother too called Dummy...


Hi. I am a black and tan mini doxie and my buddy is Rudy, an English Creme mini doxie. I am very pretty and love everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE.