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dog Names: zuzu

Zuzu is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Yorkshire Terrier

ZuZu is a rescue dog that my husband literally rescued out of an apartment complex trash dumpster! Someone had thrown her away like trash, locked up in her pet carrier. We really didn't expect her to live thru the night; but she DID! YAY! She is a gift and a blessing from God. She is the best dog in the world! Raymond (my husband) passed away in 2007 and ZuZu and I miss him very, very much. ZuZU is SUCH a joy! We're not sure of her exact date of birth or breed but here's my best estimate!


I 'rescued' Zuzu from a family in NJ that I still keep in touch with occasionally. She was treated very well by them but they couldn't keep her for various reasons. She lives up to the name of this site - cuteness to the extreme.