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fish Breed: afra+cichlid

Afra+cichlid is the number 100+ most popular fish breed on

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Afra Cichlid

Pretty chill blue fish dude.

Afra Cichlid

Trouble was bought at Petsmart when I decided I needed another fish. At the time I didn't know she wasn't a Goldfish because she was in the Goldfish tank. Her kind was the tank next door which the African Cichlid's were getting out of and into the Goldfish tank. I took her home and put her with my Goldfish, Sunny and Speckle and immediately she began attacking them. She got Sunny really stressed out and I decided I needed to get a second tank just for Trouble. At Petsmart they told me later that Goldfish and African Cichlid's don't get along which I had already figured out. In the new tank I bought Trouble her own tank decoration as well as her fish's kind of food. In the new tank she wouldn't eat her food, she had gotten used to eating goldfish flakes so I ended up back at the store looking for her food in flake form. After finding that she ate it fine. Later I watched Trouble in her new tank and she started removing stones from under her decoration. Soon after I went to do something and came back in and didn't see a fish. It was only a three gallon tank so where do you lose a fish in one of those. Well I watched the tank and a few seconds later Trouble comes out from under the decoration. She started doing this a lot and even began pushing stones out from under the decoration. I thought the decoration was going to end up on top of her and kill her but it never did instead there was a heat wave and not enough air in the room and that killed her. Her life story will be in my book: My Pets and Their Lives.