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fish Breed: corydoras+paleatus

Corydoras+paleatus is the number 100+ most popular fish breed on

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Corydoras paleatus

Winter is the last catfish that will exist in Shadow Ocean. After Winter dies, Shadow will have her tank back to herself. Winter is also the newest member of TJC Pets and Shadow Ocean. Winter has been part of the Secondary Catfish Group with Orion. After Orion passed away, The Secondary Catfish Group faded and Winter began being the only catfish.

Corydoras paleatus

Orion is a catfish that cleans Shadow Ocean, and is named after the constellation, Orion. Orion is the leader of the Secondary Catfish Group, since he is slightly bigger than Eclipse #2.

Corydoras paleatus

Olive & Mac are my two cory catfish. They were my first fish. Olive is a lot less active than Mac. She stays in the bottom of the tank, mostly in the corners, but you can always count on Mac gravitating back towards her. They're a pair, for sure.