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fish Breed: yellow+boxfish

Yellow+boxfish is the number 100+ most popular fish breed on Do you have a Yellow+boxfish? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Yellow boxfish

Me and my homeboy Babel grew up in Bikini Bottom. One day we were on our way to work at the Crusty Crab when Babel had the idea of stealing the safe. It seemed pretty crazy, but he was the brains and I was the looks, so I went with it. We couldn't do it by ourselves, so we needed an accomplice, someone who could watch the door and distract Mr. Krabs. After a quick meeting, we decided to loop in S. Bob NormalPants. NormalPants wasn't very bright, so he was pretty easy to convince. We hatched this sweet plan to bust into the safe before the store opened and stash all the loot in NormalPants's pants. Everything was going according to plan, until S. Bob NormalPants put so much cash down his trousers they became extremely bulgy, some would even say square. As he was walking out the door, that snitch Plankton yelled, "Hey NormalPants, why does your ass look so square?" The next thing I remember was being carted away in fincuffs and spending the next 10 years in Jellyfish Fields Penitentiary.

To make a long story short, Babel and I were both released on good behavior to Rob's Fish & Reptile Room in Scranton. Someone adopted us and now we live in a 2x3 foot tank in a crappy apartment in Scranton and that ahole SpongeBob NormalPants (now know as "SquarePants") has his on TV show.

I guess crime doesn't pay... Unless you're a stupid sponge.