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fish Names: earl

Earl is the number 91 most popular fish name on

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Siamese Fighting Fish

This is Earl. He's a Siamese Fighting Fish, also known as a Betta. His subspecies of Betta is a Crowntail.

I got him because I took a camp on Animal Behavior, and we had four Bettas that were used as demos, and by the end of the camp they all needed homes. I was allowed to take one.

Currently in his tank we have a 10 Gallon Heater, a plastic plant, and a live plant. Once I get some allowance I'm going to get him some more things for it, firstly, a shelter.

His "Birthday" is the day that I got him.

Earl is extremely territorial, he doesn't really like people coming over to him. He'll flare up and pace at the glass. Although recently(9/19/13) I was able to sit near him without him flaring up, and him just doing his own thing. Which I was super happy about.

Currently the 'tank' he's in, isn't really a tank. It's rounded and it's technically a vase. But it's huge. The 10 gallon heater is keeping it heated perfectly. I know that the rounded thing makes his vision distorted, and I think that's partly why he doesn't like people, because we look huge, but we're looking into getting him a different tank. ^-^

Also all of the cities on my animals are going to be wrong, as I'm not allowed to put my real one. Why you have to put one at all, I don't know!

August 26th 2013~ Just cleaned his tank for the first time today! I put him in a mason jar with the old water, then completely dumped the rest. Cleaned the rocks, and added a new live plant! It's a Tropica Fern. I also added the little plastic cup he came in because he was enjoying the Mason Jar I had him in when I set it in there, but it was to large! So that's there until we get him something else from the store. I'm hoping I did it right, I'll probably be anxious until tomorrow morning!