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fish Names: pumpkin

Pumpkin is the number 10 most popular fish name on

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Fantail goldfish

Pumpkin is family not just a fish :) full grown fantail fancy goldfish 6in long

Red Platy

She is a baby


Pumpkin is my fish that I won at a carnival in 2002. I won her by hitting her with a ping pong ball. My mom said she wouldn't last a week and it is 2012 now and she is still alive. When CeJaye was living her tank used to get hit by toys he flung a lot and when I was younger I overfed Pumpkin several times. Her tank got really dirty from the food she didn't eat and she survived that. She has survived having a dirty tank for several months at a time. This fish has lived through so much and she is one of my favorite fish that I have ever had. I'm not sure if she is my favorite or not as I have had one other fish that I really liked. Pumpkin has over time had tankmates who never survived. It wasn't Pumpkins fault she never attacked the fish it's just they all were fish I won as well. No one is expecting her to live much longer as she is showing big signs of slowing down but she might prove everyone wrong and keep living for a while yet.