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reptile Breed: panther+chameleon

Panther+chameleon is the number 100+ most popular reptile breed on

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Panther Chameleon

Hi, I'm Qunari! I was my Mom's pride and joy! I recently had to leave my Mom though, the rainbow bridge was calling. Momma took me the vet, they did some x-rays and found I was riddled with cancer. My mom cried for a week before I was not able to eat and she took me back. She told me that she loved me and that she was so sorry there was nothing she could do for me, but she had already done enough. She had loved me and raised me and kept me safe. She buried me next to a kitty, she says she used to be hers but she visited the bridge before I came along. She promised me to look after that kitty. She misses me terribly, and still cries for me...