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reptile Breed: red+tail+boa

Red+tail+boa is the number 100+ most popular reptile breed on Do you have a Red+tail+boa? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Red Tail Boa

I am a 5ft. Colombian Red-Tailed boa. I eat thawed dead rats once a week, yummy yummy! I am probably around 5-6 years old. I will live to be around 30 years old, so I have a long life ahead of me!!! I do have a skin condition, but it was mostly corrected because my owners took out my wood chips and put newspaper in instead, feed me more hearty meals, kept my cage warm and humid, and gave me more attention. Now I shed in one piece instead of flakes!!!

Red Tail Boa

Hey to hopefully my new friends out there....I am a red tail boa that is very much loved. My mom is about 5'3" and I am a bit longer than she is tall. As you will see in my pic, I have a beard and mustache and I'm never without my blush on, a very unique beauty combination, but I am told it works for me. I have two sisters, Bella and Ziggy and along with my sisters, I hope to meet many new friends on here...