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reptile Names: diego+pablo+

Diego+pablo+ is the number 100+ most popular reptile name on Is your reptile named Diego+pablo+? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Diego Pablo
Bearded Dragon

Hi, I'm Diego... my parents say I'm the most adorable baby beardie on the planet.

Date I was adopted: June 29th, 2014. I was 4 weeks old. I was a gift for my daddy's 24th birthday!

I am now 10 weeks old, and growing fast. I'm very sweet, therapeutic, alert and active! I am already attached to and feel safest with my parents.

My favorite color is yellow.
My favorite sport is yoga.
My favorite food is crickets. Nom nom...
My favorite veggie is carrots.
My favorite fruit is apples.
My favorite place to be in my viv "cage" is hiding in my ficus plant.
My favorite toy is "my" laundry hamper.
My favorite place to poop is on my log... I am a very clean pooper too!
My favorite activity is exploring the house with mommy and daddy.
My favorite place to be outside of my viv is on my parents shoulders being pet.
My favorite place to sleep is snuggled in the folds of mommy and daddy's clothes. They hold me for awhile before they put me to bed at night.

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