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reptile Names: lucky

Lucky is the number 100+ most popular reptile name on

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Red-Eared Slider Turtle

Hi, My name is Lucky. My mom saved me from my previous owner. I was not properly taken care of. Now, I am swimming in my clean tank happily and getting the right care I needed. I am happy to have a big brother like Max. He does not bother me. I caught him once glaring into my tank, but he turned around and went on his way. Mom and him do their things together, like walks and play frisbee. But I am happy just be able to swim around in a clean tank. My mom is looking for a bigger tank for me, so I can have more room. I am hoping she will take my picture soon, so I care add it to my profile and everyone can see how big I am getting. She will in a few days. As you can see, mom took my picture. I am a handsome fellow, dont you think.