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reptile Names: symbaralph

Symbaralph is the number 100+ most popular reptile name on Is your reptile named Symbaralph? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Leopard Gecko

These two cuties are Symba and Ralph.

Symba is a little gecko with a lot of personality. She is very sassy and bossy towards everyone. If she wants something she'll let you know. She also loves running on the heating pad when she get let out of her cage for cleaning time. She loves when Argus watches her in the tank and gets real close to him. She can be sweet at times but is not afraid to bite.

Ralph is much more mellow and is a very strong gecko. In March 2010 I found a small lump on the side of his eye, I looked it up on the internet and they said just wipe it with warm water and it should be fine... Well they were wrong because the next day his tumor grew to be as big as half of his face and was closing his throat. I found a vet who cares for leopard geckos (which is really hard to find) and took him in right away. He ended up having surgery costing over $200. Now he's better than ever and is back to normal. :)