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reptile Names: xander

Xander is the number 100+ most popular reptile name on

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Green Iguana

We got Xander as a rescue from a friend of the family who had taken him away from some children who had stuck his tail in a running fan and liked to throw him around the street. He was in such bad shape when we got him, we thought we were just giving him a quiet and loving place to die.... but Xander rallied like a champ. We had to teach him to eat good food and he didn't even know how to drink water. But after we amputated the part of the tail that had been broken in the fan, he just got healthier and healthier and has grown into quite the big boy. His favorite treats are banana and avocado and he loves to watch the world outside from his cage next to the patio door. He also likes to watch our ferret, Candy Matson, as she climbs all over the outside of his cage trying to find a way in. The few times we have let them interact, Candy just licks his head and Xander actually seems to like it.