How To Make An Epic DIY Cat Castle Out Of Cardboard Boxes

Paint the towers light gray color and scolorful color for the battlements & arches. Draw a  window ledge and stones around windows using a black permanent marker. 

Next, make the drawbridge. Turn a large box on its side and tape the top and bottom shut. Draw a cat face shape on the center of the box and cut it out.

Paint the bridge and matching trim around the cat shape on the box.  Then hot glue rope to each side of the bridge and  to each side of the cat shape opening on the box for railings. 

On the back side of the drawbridge, cut an arched doorway and paint faux stone trim around it.

Now make the house. Tape the bottom shut on a big box and cut off the top flaps. Cut out battlements, two window arches, and an arched door. Paint it.

Next make the hammocks. Assemble 2 medium boxes and tape both shut. Cut matching square holes on all 4 sides. Paint. Cut a slit in all corners of the box, about 2/3 of the way up.

Cut a piece of fabric to the same dimensions as the bottom of your box except add 4 inches to all sides. Then cut a 3-inch diagonal slit in each corner of the fabric.

Pull the fabric through the slits in each corner and tie a knot in all corners. Tuck blankets or pet beds underneath each hammock.

 Roll out synthetic grass behind the towers/drawbridge. Set a water fountain there. Cut a slit in the grass  under it and feed the power cord through it. 

Next, make the walls. Cut off two of the long sides of a big box and paint gray. Set the wall panels around the courtyard.

Now get creative and add the fun details. Here are some ideas. Glue gun some pom poms and hang some flags.

Hang colorful tassel garland along the fortress walls.

Create a paw print on top of the hammocks using felt and pom-poms.