Baffled German Shepherd Can't Catch Playful Fox Who's Tunneled Into Backyard

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It's hard to share a foxhole if you can't fit inside.


Such is the takeaway from this adorable video of Riot, a pet fox — read more about exactly what this entails at a very detailed FAQ from his human — giving his doggy BFF, Casey, the slip with the help of a backyard tunnel dug for his stimulation.


The two dash around in circles but it's all in good fun and both seem to enjoy the back-and-forth.

For our money, the money shot comes at the:25-second mark when the dopey (but lovable) German shepherd stands guard at one end, only to see Riot slink out the other.


As you'll see, it's a dynamic that repeats itself on more than one occasion.

What does the fox say? Catch me if you can(ine).

Watch the playtime sesh in full below!

Also embedded below: A couple of related videos, both plenty cute and filmed before the tunnel was carved out.

For much more about Riot, visit his YouTube channel.

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