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We are learning all the time! As a culture, our understanding of animal behavior, cognition and best practices is constantly changing. We are committed to learning constantly, and we strive to provide a safe and understanding space in the pet sphere for everyone to keep learning with us.

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Our Review Process

When articles benefit from expert training or medical review, they are reviewed by a credentialed training or medical expert. We review articles for factual accuracy and safety, and always with our editorial ethics in mind.

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Is there such a word as “Cuteness”?

Yes! Cuteness is a real word. We have claimed the meaning of Cuteness as everything we love about our adorable, cuddly, goofy pets. Sometimes our dogs and cats are stinky and sometimes they annoy us, but they are always cute!

What do we mean by calling ourselves Cuteness?

We mean that it is impossible to look away from our pets. Whether they are sleeping, pouncing, playing, digging, fetching, or licking our faces, we always want them around.

Why is Cuteness a thing?

Cuteness.com exists to celebrate our dogs and cats (and we have articles about other pets too, like turtles, snakes, and birds, so there’s a lot to learn here!). We want animals in our lives and we know that they need care that respects their intelligence and emotions. We have high standards for the products, medical care, and training that we recommend, so you can trust Cuteness.com as your ethical source for all pet info, from toys to behavior to those serious medical problems you probably have a lot of questions about.

How do we feel Cuteness?

Just scroll through these pages and you'll see we feel Cuteness in every way!

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