15 Animals Completely Spoiling Their Humans

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We all love to spoil our pets — but sometimes they like to repay the favor.

1. "Let me carry the groceries this time"

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2. "Move over my dude, I got this"

3. "Why can't I work this knot out?"

4. "If I can't work this out, no one can."

5. "The deepest of deep tissue massages."

6. "The fear releases toxins ... or something like that."

7. "Two for one."

8. "Have you thought about getting a Water Pik?"

9. "You carry too much tension in your lower back."

10. "Trunks on, well, trunks."


12. "Please, let ME do the dishes."

13. "Let's get some blood flowing to the face ... "

14. "Time for the deep conditioner."

15. "I don't think she's going to tip."

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