16 Things You Know If You Grew Up With Dogs

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Quick poll: how many legs did your childhood best friend have? If the answer is more than two, your family probably had at least one dog.

Ahh, those were the days.


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1. If there was a time when dog slobber grossed you out, it's long gone.

2. You probably had the sweetest, most patient pup ever.

3. You know what the weather is like based on how strong the wet dog smell is.

4. No family portrait was complete without the family dog.

5. You're never too worried when the dog eats something weird. It's probably fine.

6. All your best childhood memories involve dogs.

7. Dog hair everywhere is just a fact of life.

"Vacuuming with dogs in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos."


8. When someone asks how many people live in your house, you automatically include the dog(s).

9. Your parents mixed up your name and your dog's name at least once.

10. You were never lonely growing up as long as you had your dog.

11. Your friends who didn't have dogs were always so excited to come visit.

12. You automatically love every dog you see.

13. The holidays are a fun excuse to make your dog feel ridiculous.

14. When people say they don't love dogs, you legitimately have no idea how to respond.

15. If you got into trouble, chances are the dog was involved somehow.

16. You're so used to having a dog around that you hardly notice they're there.

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