This Dog Is Okay After Swallowing 21 Pacifiers

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We all know that dogs love to chew on things, even when they probably really shouldn't. One dog, Dovey, really pushed the limits of what he could but shouldn't eat though.

A vet for Gentle Care Animal Hospital in Edmond, Oklahoma posted about the incredible procedure on Facebook.

"So fare warning, some people may find the following series of photos disturbing!!" he prefaced his post, which contained pictures of the surgery and the dog's x-rays. "I have to show them for two reasons, first, this was the most fascinating and exciting surgery I have ever done or my staff has ever been a part of."


Dovey, the dog in question, developed a taste for baby pacifiers. The newborn baby's grandma saw her jump on a counter and grab one, but the family had no idea how many she had consumed. She seemed to be more or less healthy — until she vomited up a pacifier. At that point, her owner brought her in for x-rays.


The vets saw a stack of pacifiers in her stomach and estimated she had eaten 7-9 of them. When they went in for surgery, however, they realized they were wrong — she'd eaten way, way more.

By the end of the surgery, vets had removed 21 pacifiers from her stomach.

"That is the second, and most important, reason I am sharing these photos," the vet wrote. "Dogs will eat anything, anytime and at any age so always be watching!!! Thank Dr. Dad and Mom for letting me share this with clients!!!"


Good advice — especially around the holidays when little trinkets are more likely than ever to be left lying around.