How to Treat UTI in Cats

Urinary tract infections (UTI), in cats is caused by bacteria in the bladder that spreads upward into the body. Recognizing the signs of the infection early on will make it easier to treat and prevent your cat from suffering unnecessarily.


Step 1

If the cat has blood in his urine that has a foul odor, cries while urinating and makes frequent visits to the litter box, take him to a veterinarian as soon as possible. The vet can prescribe antibiotics to help cure what may be a UTI.

Step 2

Water will help your cat flush the bacteria from his body. Cats can be picky when it comes to drinking water. Switching to a ceramic or porcelain bowl may help as many cats do not care to drink out of a plastic bowl.

Step 3

Wipe your cat's bottom with a clean, moist towel after he urinates. This will help to remove any bacteria before it has a chance to work its way back into his system.

Step 4

Switch to an all-natural cat food. Sometimes the chemicals and additives in some cat foods can aggravate a UTI. A natural cat food may help ease some of the discomfort.