Dobermans and Arthritis

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All dog breeds get arthritis, but Dobermans may develop it sooner if they have an injury or skeletal problem when young. They also are prone to ailments that may resemble arthritis, according to "The Veterinarians' Guide to Your Dog's Symptoms."

Time Frame

Dobermans usually get arthritis when they are over 6 years old and their joints start to degenerate. But Dobermans can get arthritis earlier if they have an injury or problem with their spine, joints or limbs.



The main symptoms of canine arthritis are limping, reluctance to move and coordination problems, but in Dobermans these can also be symptoms of cancer, hip dysplasia, Wobbler Syndrome and Dancing Doberman Disease.


Never assume that a limping Doberman has arthritis, no matter the age of the dog. The dog needs a vet to diagnose the problem in order to get proper treatment.


Prognosis states that hip dysplasia, which occurs mostly in younger Dobermans, can predispose the Doberman to developing arthritis in later years.


Some Dobermans need surgery to correct severe arthritis or hip dysplasia. But surgery is a risky option for Dobermans with Von Willebrand's disease, which causes blood not to clot.


By Rena Sherwood

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