Food Network's Alton Brown Cooked Up A Hilarious Name For His Adorable Rescue Kitteh

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Alton Brown has been crushing Instagram for the last couple of years with fancy foods and kitchen hacks. But now the Food Network star is adding another popular dish to his social media feed: a new kitten!


The tiny, tuxedo cat — and several of his littermates — were found nesting near the celebrity's chef home in Marietta, Georgia last month.

"Something cute just emerged from under my office porch," the TV presenter wrote on Instagram.


While it's unknown if his siblings were adopted, this little mouser promptly made itself at home in Brown's kitchen. And the floof's affinity for bowls (BECAUSE, YOU KNOW, CATS) led the cook to name him accordingly:

"So, due to his love of the wok, I've decided to name him 'Stir-fry.'" 😂 😂 😂

A steady stream of updates in the last couple of days have captured Stir-fry doing typical kitty stuff, like rolling on his back...

... hiding in a bookshelf...

... playing with chew toys...

... flopping around in an empty box...

... and grooming his human.

Even better, it appears that the rest of Brown's fam have taken to Stir-fry as well. The proud cat dad shared a sketch that his teenage daughter, Zoey, drew to officially welcome him to their squad.

BREAKING: Did Brown adopt a second cat? A tweet posted today introduced Shrimpy, who's black-and-white coat seems to be a match with that of the felines above.

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