Dog Steals Hula Hoop & You Won't Believe What Happens Next

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Hoops dreams aren't just for basketball players anymore.

Case in point: This enthusiastic doggo that snatches a perennial childhood favorite, the hula hoop, from his person and promptly goes into spin cycle mode, turning in circles much to the shock (and delight) of the other humans in the room.

What he lacks in technique he compensates for with effort and enthusiasm. Behold, a whirling woofer!


Uploaded to Reddit earlier in the week, the short, 18-second GIF promptly shot to the top of r/Aww with a whopping 93,000+ upvotes and 659 comments.

And because the web is a social place that isn't entirely terrible, the heartwarming moment promptly spilled over to related platforms like Imgur (3,000,000+ views), Twitter (950+ retweets), and YouTube, where representatives of digital agencies were seen jostling in the comments for the right to license the clip ( * rolls eyes forever * ).


Naturally, there were some funny takes from the peanut gallery, a sampling of which is compiled below.

"No no no you're doing it wrong, let me show you!", wrote whovianmuse from the perspective of the thieving pup.

"Omg help my heart overflowed", pleaded someone posting under the handle @kitty_grease.

"A++ for stealing my heart.", penned Redditor cjn13.


Never change, hula hooping dog, never change.

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