20 Reactions You Have When A Cat Sits On You

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It's very emotional when a cat sits on you. (Or, even worse, doesn't sit on you.)

1. When a cat circles, deciding whether or not to sit on you.

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2. When the cat looks at you, considers sitting on you, but then sits on someone else.

3. When you think the cat isn't going to sit on you, but then the cat sits on you.

4. "A cat is sitting on me!"

5. "I am the best for cats to sit on!"

6. When the cat starts getting all snoogly on your lap, but then jumps off.

7. When your cat sits on someone else.

8. What it feels like when the cat's nails need to be trimmed.

9. When a cat sits on you right after they use the litter box.

10. When two cats sit on you at the same time.

11. Sometimes you don't remember the cat getting into your lap. She's just there.

12. When you meet a cat unexpectedly and the cat chooses to sit on you.

13. When a cat is sitting on you all comfy, but you have to get up.

14. When the cat sitting on you turns into a total purr machine.

15. When your cat falls asleep on you.

16. When one cat is sitting on you and then you see another cat and try to make them jealous.

17. When you have two cats but they both would rather sit on your husband's lap than your lap.

I am speaking from very painful personal experience.


18. When the cat won't leave your lap.

Ok, this has never ever happened to me but I hope it will.


19. This is secretly how we all want to die.


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