How to Teach Your Cat to Play Dead

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How to Teach Your Cat to Play Dead
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Unlike dogs, cats have to be in the right mood to practice tricks. Never try to teach your cat trick if he is tired or uninterested. If he loses interest in the middle of the process, give him a treat and try again another time. The younger the cat, the easier it is to teach him a trick. But it is not impossible to teach an old cat new tricks.

Cats are just as smart as dogs, and can learn to play dead if they have a good relationship with their owners. Patiently and kindly approach the cat when it is in a good mood to teach this trick. Then, placing one hand on the cat's back and the other pointed at its head like a gun, you can give the command and teach the cat to flop over and play dead.


Step 1

Call your cat's name. Grab your cat's favorite treats and urge him to come to you. This is a positive way to start the training.

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Step 2

Place a treat where your cat can enjoy it. Give this treat and pet her when she arrives, saying her name and using soothing tones. Check to see if she is relaxed and focused on you.


Step 3

Place your hands into position. Place one hand gently on his back and, with the other, point at his head. The hand pointed at his head will act as the "gun" that will influence your cat to "die."

Step 4

Say "bang, bang" or "play dead." Gently press down on your cat's back, until she reclines or stretches on the floor.

Step 5

Release the cat. Praise him and give him a treat. Repeat the process until you no longer need your hand on the cat's back for him to obey the command.

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