These Hilarious Tweets Capture What Dogs Are Probably Thinking

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Every once in awhile, a truly important Twitter hashtag starts trending, one that cuts to the core of one of humanity's greatest questions. #ADogsInnerMonologue is one of those hashtags. And here are some of the best (and by "best" we mean most hilarious) tweets it has inspired.

1. Deep thoughts:

Credit: @tgshepherdvan/Twitter

2. Those short attention spans, though.

Credit: @Billyg321/Twitter

3. Let’s not forget dogs’ many accomplishments.


4. Whoa. We never thought of it like that.


5. Finally, an explanation for the less great puppy behavior.

Credit: @1199Worf/Twitter

6. #Trust.


7. They have so much more going on up there than we thought.


8. Fair question.


9. Remember this next time you play a cruel, cruel trick on your dog.


10. Well, we kind of do — but we love you anyway.


11. So...does that mean baby voices are out?


12. Stealth.

Credit: @georgeduff2/Twitter

13. Sometimes stuff just happens.

Credit: @JenOrchid/Twitter

14. You’re right. We do love it. All of it.

Credit: @Bella5804/Twitter

15. This is the one we knew in our hearts all along.